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Short Synopsis
In The Sleep-Deprived Teen, parenting journalist Lisa L. Lewis provides parents with the roadmap for more (and better) sleep for their teens—and perhaps even for themselves.

Full Synopsis
Pick up this actionable guide for parents of exhausted teens. Teenagers are tired, strapped for time, and often asked to wake up far earlier than they should due to school start times. In The Sleep-Deprived Teen, Lisa L. Lewis, who helped spark the first law in the nation requiring healthy school start times for adolescents, has written a book for parents who want to help their fatigued teens and tweens sleep well.

Learn the science of why teenage sleep matters and how sleep changes during the teen years. Poor sleep affects mental health, athletic performance, and academic success. It contributes to adolescent depression, anxiety, and even drowsy driving. On the flip side, when teens are well-rested, they're happier, healthier, and more emotionally resilient.

In The Sleep-Deprived Teen, you'll find:

● The science of why sleep matters and how it changes during the teen years

● A synthesis of the research, including tips and strategies to promote healthy sleep habits and help teens avoid poor sleep patterns

● An essential primer on technology, and a look at how gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, and race and ethnicity can affect teenage sleep

The Sleep-Deprived Teen

Why Our Teenagers Are So Tired, and How Parents and Schools can Help Them Thrive

Author Lisa L. Lewis, MS

Narrated by Samantha Desz

Publication date Jun 7, 2022

Running time 6 hrs 26 min

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