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Flint Maxwell presents Book 1 in the Whiteout series.

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This is how the world ends: with a single snowflake.

After a tragic accident at work, all Grady Miller wanted was an escape. He finds it months later with two of his closest friends. Together, the three of them travel south to Prism Lake for the upcoming holiday, where they plan on spending the sunny weekend drinking, grilling, and relaxing.

But when a series of monstrous blizzards cover the eastern United States in feet of snow, knocking out communications and making the roads impossible to drive on, they realize their weekend of fun could turn into a lifetime of survival.

Because there's something out there besides the cold . . .

Something sinister . . .

The Snow

Author Flint Maxwell

Narrated by Matt Godfrey

Publication date Jul 21, 2020

Running time 4 hrs 13 min

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