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Short Synopsis
The author of Father of Lies presents a haunting new supernatural thriller.

Full Synopsis
It is 1951 and a remote mining village on the North Staffordshire Moors is hit by one of the worst snowstorms in living memory. Cut off for over three weeks, the old and the sick will die; the strongest bunker down; and those with evil intent will bring to its conclusion a family vendetta spanning three generations.

Inspired by a true event, The Soprano tells the story of Grace Holland—a strikingly beautiful, much admired local celebrity who brings glamour and inspiration to the grimy moorland community. But why is Grace still here? Why doesn't she leave this staunchly Methodist, rain-sodden place and the isolated farmhouse she shares with her mother?

Riddled with witchcraft and tales of superstition, the story is mostly narrated by the Whistler family who own the local funeral parlour, in particular six year old Louise—now an elderly lady—who recalls one of the most shocking crimes imaginable.

The Soprano

A Haunting Supernatural Thriller

Author S. E. England

Narrated by Henrietta Meire

Publication date Jan 24, 2018

Running time 7 hrs 25 min

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