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Short Synopsis
Eminent theologian David Bentley Hart traces the growth of the Church from Jesus's own life through to its massive impact throughout the world.

Full Synopsis
In The Story of Christianity, the distinguished theologian David Bentley Hart provides a broad picture of Christian history. Presented in fifty short chapters—each focusing on a critical facet of Christian history or theology, and each amplified by timelines, and quotations—his magisterial account does full justice to the range of Christian tradition, belief and practice—Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Coptic, Chaldean, Ethiopian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Malankaran, to name but a few of the many possibilities.

From the persecutions of the early church to the papal-imperial conflicts of the Middle Ages, from the religious wars of 16th and 17th-century Europe to the challenges of science and secularism in the modern era, and from the ancient Christian communities of Africa and Asia to the "house churches" of contemporary China, The Story of Christianity triumphantly captures the heterogeneous richness of Christian history.

The Story of Christianity

A History of 2000 Years of the Christian Faith

Author David Bentley Hart

Narrated by Derek Perkins

Publication date Jun 1, 2021

Running time 10 hrs

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