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Short Synopsis
The Swiss Spy is the follow-up novel to Alex Gerlis's highly acclaimed bestseller The Best of Our Spies.

Full Synopsis
It's not unusual for spies to have secrets, but Henry Hunter has more than most, and after he is stopped by British Intelligence at Croydon airport on the eve of the Second World War, he finds that he has even more. From Switzerland he embarks on a series of increasingly perilous missions into Nazi Germany, all while having to cope with different identities and competing spymasters. In March 1941 in Berlin, haunted by a dark episode from his past, he makes a fateful decision, resulting in a dramatic journey to the Swiss frontier with a shocking outcome.

The Swiss Spy is set against the real-life backdrop of the top secret Nazi plans to invade the Soviet Union. The story paints an authentic picture of life inside wartime Europe: the menacing atmosphere, the ever-present danger, and the constant intrigue of the world of espionage.

"Derek Perkins's pitch-perfect narration of this compelling spy story is well suited to the genre." ---AudioFile

The Swiss Spy

Author Alex Gerlis

Narrated by Derek Perkins

Publication date Oct 20, 2015

Running time 12 hrs

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