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Short Synopsis
Living far from the evil doings of Wizard-King Greensparrow, privileged young nobleman Luthien Bedwyr is drawn into the resistance against the king's terrifying power when a friend is murdered, leading the young man to discover his own magic powers.

Full Synopsis
Young noble Luthien Bedwyr is too privileged to understand that his once-proud land, Eriador, suffers under the demonic oppression of Wizard-King Greensparrow. Until the day Luthien seeks justice for a friend's murder—only to become a fugitive fleeing the king's monstrous cyclopian soldiers. Befriended by the irrepressible "highwayhalfling" Oliver deBurrows, and enlisted by an ancient, mysterious mage, Luthien's exile will become an enchanted quest to steal a mystic prize from a dragon's hoard.

Suddenly, Eriador's enslaved humans, elves, and dwarfs begin to rally around rumored tales of a freedom fighter who strikes Greensparrow's foul minions...an unknown hero who wields a legendary sword and magic cape...a warrior who is invisible but who casts the "Crimson Shadow."

"Salvatore describes and choreographs battle scenes better than any other contemporary fantasist, as this first tale of the adventures of Luthien Bedwyr amply demonstrates." ---Publishers Weekly

"Briskly paced, with touches of wry wit, the yarn is easy to recommend to fantasy fans eager to start another saga." ---Booklist

"A fine adventure, filled with memorable characters and compelling aciton. Bob Salvatore is a writer to watch." ---Terry Brooks, New York Times bestselling author of the Sword of Shannara series

The Sword of Bedwyr

Author R. A. Salvatore

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date Feb 1, 2010

Running time 10 hrs

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