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Short Synopsis
An entertaining and profound look at the lives of birds, illuminating their surprising world—and deep connection with humanity.

Full Synopsis
Birds are highly intelligent animals, yet their intelligence is dramatically different from our own and has been little understood. As we learn more about the secrets of bird life, we are unlocking fascinating insights into memory, relationships, game theory, and the nature of intelligence itself.

The Thing with Feathers explores the astonishing homing abilities of pigeons, the good deeds of fairy-wrens, the influential flocking abilities of starlings, the deft artistry of bowerbirds, the extraordinary memories of nutcrackers, the lifelong loves of albatrosses, and other mysteries—revealing why birds do what they do, and offering a glimpse into our own nature.

Drawing deep from personal experience, cutting-edge science, and colorful history, Noah Strycker spins captivating stories about the birds in our midst and shares the startlingly intimate coexistence of birds and humans. With humor, style, and grace, he shows how our view of the world is often, and remarkably, through the experience of birds.

"The audio production was narrated by Paul Boehmer. His pleasant voice and good pacing made for easy listening." ---Under My Apple Tree

"A thoroughly entertaining examination of bird behavior. . . . Birds are equally alien and familiar, and in Strycker’s absorbing survey, we find out how much fun it is simply to watch them." ---Booklist Starred Review

"Here is good reading on a dazzling variety of avian subjects . . . Strycker writes engagingly and with extensive documentation . . . A fine choice for birders and readers in natural history." ---Library Journal

"A delightful book with broad appeal." ---Kirkus

"This is an engaging work which illuminates something profound about all life, including our own.” ---The Economist
Booklist Review

The Thing with Feathers

The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human

Author Noah Strycker

Narrated by Paul Boehmer

Publication date Jan 25, 2017

Running time 8 hrs 19 min

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