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Short Synopsis
The Unsubstantial Air is the gripping story of the Americans who fought and died in the aerial battles of World War I, told through the words of the aviators themselves.

Full Synopsis
The Unsubstantial Air is the gripping story of the Americans who fought and died in the aerial battles of World War I. Much more than a traditional military history, it is an account of the excitement of becoming a pilot and flying in combat over the Western Front, told through the voices of the aviators themselves.

A World War II pilot himself, the memoirist and critic Samuel Hynes revives the adventurous young men who inspired his own generation to take to the sky. The volunteer fliers were often privileged—the sorts of college athletes and Ivy League students who might appear in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Hynes follows them from the flying clubs of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale to training grounds in Europe and on to the front, where they learned how to fight a war in the air.

By drawing on letters sent home, diaries kept, and memoirs published in the years that followed, Hynes brings to life the emotions, anxieties, and triumphs of the young pilots. They gasp in wonder at the world seen from a plane, struggle to keep their hands from freezing in open air cockpits, party with actresses and aristocrats, rest at Voltaire's castle, and search for their friends' bodies on the battlefield. Their romantic war becomes more than that—a harsh but often thrilling reality.

"Sean Runnette's voice, pacing, and timbre superbly match their stories---a poignant tone and pause following a death, an increase in pitch as the joy of flying catches hold, and an easy delivery of French terms." ---AudioFile

"Intimate and memorable portraits of these idealistic, daredevil young men are contained in a marvelously fluid narrative." ---Kirkus starred review

"Haynes succeeds in painting a portrait of the elite of American society, who flocked to the new aviation technology that promised to make the impersonal experience of modern warfare compatible with older ideals of honor and duty." ---Publishers Weekly

"[Hynes] vividly brings to life our earliest air warriors and does so with a seemingly effortless but exhilarating prose that soars in much the same way his aviators do. Masterful." ---Ken Burns
Kirkus Review

The Unsubstantial Air

American Fliers in the First World War

Author Samuel Hynes

Narrated by Sean Runnette

Publication date Dec 30, 2014

Running time 11 hrs 21 min

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