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Short Synopsis
A man and a puppy exhumed from a 12,000-year-old grave send a two-time Pulitzer Prize–winning science writer on a journey to the dogs.

Full Synopsis
Of all the things hidden in plain sight, dogs are one of the most enigmatic. They are everywhere, but how much do we really know about where they came from and what the implications are of their place in our world? Jon Franklin set out to find out and ended up spending a decade studying the origins and significance of the dog and its peculiar attachment to humans. As the intellectual pursuit of his subject began to take over Franklin's life, he married a dog lover and was quickly introduced to an ancient and powerful law of nature: Love me, love my dog. Soon Franklin was sharing hearth and home with a soulful and clever poodle named Charlie.

And so began one man's journey to the dogs, an odyssey that would take him from a 12,000-year-old grave to a conclusion so remarkable as to change our perception of ourselves. Building on evolutionary science, archaeology, behavioral science, and the firsthand experience of watching his own dog evolve from puppy to family member, Franklin posits that man and dog are more than just inseparable; they are part and parcel of the same creature. Along the way, The Wolf in the Parlor imparts a substantial yet painless education on subjects as far-ranging as psychological evolution and neurochemistry. In this groundbreaking book, master storyteller Franklin shatters the lens through which we see the world and shows us an unexpected, enthralling picture of the human/canine relationship.

"A welcome---and surprising---view into the canine soul from somebody who clearly understands and loves dogs." ---Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of the international bestseller Dogs Never Lie About Love

"Among a plethora of books on breeding, disciplining, loving and lamenting the loss of man's best friend, this thoughtful discourse is a best of breed." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Franklin does an exceptional job of telling the story of canine evolution, and his book will appeal to both students of animal behavior and dog lovers." ---Library Journal Starred Review

"George K. Wilson demonstrates his skill and experience as a narrator; his timing and modulation are excellent." ---Library Journal Audio Review
Publishers Weekly Review

Library Journal Review

The Wolf in the Parlor

The Eternal Connection Between Humans and Dogs

Author Jon Franklin

Narrated by George K. Wilson

Publication date Oct 12, 2009

Running time 12 hrs

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