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Short Synopsis
Abe Moss presents a must-listen horror fiction novel. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
You never truly know your neighbors, or what goes on behind closed doors. Sometimes it's better not to. Sometimes the truth is downright haunting.

Alex watches from her bedroom window as the small, secluded town of Amberton sleeps: a bright, pleasant town with a dark, disturbing secret. Helen, her foster mother, is gone all hours of the night with no explanation. The neighbors, always friendly, always smiling, are also always watching. They know something Alex doesn't. Something she shouldn't . . . When three outsiders become ensnared in the town's dark conspiracies, Alex witnesses for herself the nightmare hiding in plain sight. Together, haunted by their own pasts, these outsiders threaten to unstitch the town at its rotten seams, uncovering the gruesome truth writhing beneath the surface.

Contains mature themes.

"I enjoyed the pacing along with the world building, which added to my listening experience. Hillary Huber narrated, and she did a splendid job with the voices of the characters." ---Totally Addicted to Reading Blog

The Writhing

Author Abe Moss

Narrated by Hillary Huber

Publication date Dec 8, 2020

Running time 12 hrs 17 min

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