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Short Synopsis
Joseph Wheelan presents the story of powerful armies and the series of events they faced in the final days of the Civil War.

Full Synopsis
As the Confederacy steadily crumbled under the Union army's relentless hammering, dramatic developments in early 1865 brought the bloody war to a swift climax and denouement. Their Last Full Measure relates these thrilling events, which followed one another like falling dominoes—from Fort Fisher's capture to the burning of South Carolina's capital to the fall of Petersburg and Richmond and, ultimately, to Lee's surrender at Appomattox and Lincoln's assassination.

Acclaimed historian Joseph Wheelan braids the disparate events into a compelling, fast-paced account of powerful armies; civil and military leaders, both flawed and splendid; and ordinary people, black and white, struggling to survive the war's wreckage in Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

"Bob Souer gives a more than competent narration of this account of the final months of the American Civil War." ---AudioFile

"Well-practiced buffs will welcome the book, but novices can approach it without much background knowledge, too." ---Kirkus Starred Review

Kirkus Review

Their Last Full Measure

The Final Days of the Civil War

Author Joseph Wheelan

Narrated by Bob Souer

Publication date Mar 24, 2015

Running time 13 hrs

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