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Short Synopsis
Tay Mo'nae presents Book 2 in There Was You series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
At the end of part one, we were left with our mouths open.

Brycen was told a secret Linnea never wanted to get out, at least until she able to reveal it. Now she's forced to pick up the pieces of the mess her father created and watch the man she loves possibly spend the rest of his life with another woman. Will her father's actions be the straw that broke the camel's back?

After being shot Sevyn washes her hands with Nasir. Missing her simple life before him she tries to move on, but quickly learns it's not as easy as it seems. Nasir refuses to let her go, but with his crazy ex-girlfriend still lurking in the shadows, he may not have a choice but to grant Sevyn's wish. When more unseen circumstances are thrown at both Sevyn and Nasir, the two learn life has a funny way of humbling you.

Deasia joins the scene, with a complicated relationship leading the way. Tired of the domestic disputes she tries to leave but her boyfriend isn't letting her get away that easily. Will she be able to escape his clutches before things turn fatal?

Join the finale ride with the crew and see if they're able to overcome the twist and turns thrown at them.

Contains mature themes.

& Then There Was You 2

Author Tay Mo'nae

Narrated by Ja'Air Bush, Winston James

Publication date Nov 15, 2022

Running time 10 hrs 28 min

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