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Short Synopsis
Tay Mo'nae presents Book 1 in There Was You series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
All Sevyn wanted was to finish law school and make her late grandmother proud. She was never the one to color outside lines or go against the rules. When Sevyn is suddenly faced with past due bills and eviction she becomes overwhelmed on how to stay above water. What she didn't expect was to offer to help her with all her troubles, the only problem is it goes against all her morals.

Nasir is content in his relationship with his long-term girlfriend. The two of them have an understanding an inviting another partner in the bedroom has never been an issue, until now. When Sevyn joins the couple for one night of pleasure, Nasir instantly becomes attracted to the innocence surrounding her. Soon he begins to question his current relationship and finds it hard to stay away from Sevyn.

While Sevyn tries to fight the brewing desire she has for Nasir, he embraces it. What neither of them counted on was a fatal encounter that could take the both of them out before they even begin.

Contains mature themes.

& Then There Was You

Author Tay Mo'nae

Narrated by Ja'Air Bush, Winston James

Publication date Oct 11, 2022

Running time 9 hrs 3 min

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