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Short Synopsis
John Riordan and his Vietnamese employees whom he rescued from Saigon share the accounts of those frantic days and the derring-do it took to get them out to safety.

Full Synopsis
Published for the fortieth anniversary of the final days of the Vietnam War, this is the suspenseful and moving tale of how John P. Riordan, an assistant manager of Citibank's Saigon branch, devised a daring plan to save 106 Vietnamese from the dangers of the Communist takeover.

Riordan—who had left the military behind for a career in international banking—was not the type to take dramatic action, but once the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon in April 1975 and it was clear that Riordan's Vietnamese colleagues and their families would be stranded in a city teetering on total collapse, he knew that he could not leave them behind. Defying the objections of his superiors and going against the official policy of the United States, Riordan went back into Saigon to save them.

In fifteen harrowing trips to Saigon's airport, he maneuvered through the bureaucratic shambles, claiming that the Vietnamese were his wife and scores of children. It was a ruse that, at times, veered close to failure, yet against all odds, the improbable plan succeeded.

They Are All My Family is a vivid narrative of one man's ingenious strategy that transformed a time of enormous peril into a display of extraordinary courage.

"John Riordan has provided a moving testament to the redeeming power of human decency even in one of the darkest chapters of American history." ---Craig R. Whitney, former Vietnam bureau chief of The New York Times

"A nail-biting account of one man's quiet heroism in the face of impossible odds." ---Kirkus

"[H]ats off to John Riordan for his astonishing act of derring-do and for writing a great book." ---Leslie Stahl, correspondent for 60 Minuites

They Are All My Family

A Daring Rescue in the Chaos of Saigon's Fall

Author John P. Riordan

Narrated by Corey M. Snow

Publication date Apr 29, 2015

Running time 6 hrs 19 min

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