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Roberta Kagan presents Book 2 in the Jewish Family Saga series.

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Since her return home to Berlin, Goldie Schatzman has reconnected with her childhood friend, Leni, a free spirit who has swept Goldie into the Weimar lifestyle that is overflowing with artists and writers, but also with debauchery. Goldie had spent the last nineteen years living a dull life with a spiritless husband. And now she has been set free.

As Goldie's daughter, Alma, is coming of marriageable age, her grandparents are determined to find her a suitable match. Will Goldie's life of depravity hurt Alma's chances to find a Jewish husband? All the while the SA, a preclude to the Nazi SS, is gaining strength.

Leaving a nightclub one night, Goldie finds herself caught in the middle of a demonstration that has turned violent. She is rescued by Felix, a member of the SA, who is immediately charmed by her blonde hair and Aryan appearance. Goldie is living a lie, and her secrets are bound to catch up with her. A girl, who she'd scorned in the past, is now a proud member of the Nazi Party and still carries a deep-seated vendetta against Goldie.

When Goldie's son, Sam, receives word that something has happened in Germany, he must accompany his father on a journey across the ocean.

They Never Saw It Coming

Book Two in A Jewish Family Saga

Author Roberta Kagan

Narrated by Kelli Tager

Publication date Oct 25, 2022

Running time 9 hrs

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