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From the bestselling editor of The Universe, This Explains Everything, and This Idea Must Die comes a cutting-edge exploration of the mysteries of rational thought, decision-making, intuition, morality, willpower, problem-solving, prediction, forecasting, unconscious behavior, and beyond.

Full Synopsis
Edited by John Brockman, publisher of Edge.org, Thinking presents original ideas by today's leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers who are radically expanding our understanding of human thought.

—Daniel Kahneman on the power (and pitfalls) of human intuition and "unconscious" thinking.

—Daniel Gilbert on desire, prediction, and why getting what we want doesn't always make us happy.

—Nassim Nicholas Taleb on the limitations of statistics in guiding decision-making.

—Vilayanur Ramachandran on the scientific underpinnings of human nature.

—Simon Baron-Cohen on the startling effects of testosterone on the brain.

—Daniel C. Dennett on decoding the architecture of the "normal" human mind.

—Sarah-Jayne Blakemore on mental disorders and the crucial developmental phase of adolescence.

—Jonathan Haidt, Sam Harris, and Roy Baumeister on the science of morality, ethics, and the emerging synthesis of evolutionary and biological thinking.

—Gerd Gigerenzer on rationality and what informs our choices.

"[T]his book offers nourishing food for thought." ---Kirkus

"Thinking is excellent and mind-expanding in its entirety." ---BrainPickings

"Narrator Tom Perkins's relaxed authority helps tone down the book's intellectual density by keeping the atmosphere friendly." ---AudioFile
Author Interview
John Brockman


The New Science of Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Prediction

Author John Brockman

Narrated by Tom Perkins

Publication date Apr 14, 2015

Running time 14 hrs

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