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Short Synopsis
Kim McDougall presents the prequel and Book 1 in the Valkyrie Bestiary series.

Full Synopsis
Kim McDougall presents the prequel and first book in her Valkyrie Bestiary series:

Three Half Goats Gruff: Who is the mysterious Captain of the Guardians? Kyra Greene, pest controller of fantastic beasts, takes on a rock troll and meets the man who will haunt her dreams for the next three hundred and twenty-one nights.

Come sing around the campfire with satyrs and discover how Kyra found one little lost cephalopod who will win your heart.

Dragons Don't Eat Meat: Someone is killing dragons. And the killings point to a civil war brewing among the fae. When Kyra Greene finds an abandoned baby dragon, she doesn't want to bring him home. But until she can hunt down his thunder and stop the dragon killers, she's on babysitting duty.

Along with a quirky cast of misfits and unruly critters, Kyra leaves the safety of Montreal Ward and travels through the dangerous Inbetween—the land beyond the protected city states, where magic is the only rule of law. Can she reunite the lost dragon with his thunder and stop a new and sinister force from invading their home?

Three Half Goats Gruff & Dragons Don’t Eat Meat

Author Kim McDougall

Narrated by Hollie Jackson

Publication date Apr 27, 2021

Running time 9 hrs 12 min

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