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Short Synopsis
A dark secret unravels, uniting two enemies and threatening to fracture the brotherhood of the pack. A tortured soul, a violent past, a fiery romance, and a shocking twist that will leave you breathless.

Full Synopsis
Naya James is a confident woman who also happens to be an exotic dancer. She doesn't care if people judge her, just so long as they don't disrespect her. Life has been good, but when two dancers from her club are kidnapped, Naya risks everything to uncover the truth.

Wheeler is the black sheep of the family, which is evident from his extensive tattoo collection and his dark personality. He's nothing like his twin brother, Ben, who can do no wrong. Wheeler's pack loyalty is put to the test when Austin, his Packmaster and brother, orders him to act as a bodyguard for a woman he's despised for years—one who presses his buttons every chance she gets.

"From the Indian to the Spanish accents, and the old to the young, Ms. Dark does a fantastic job of conveying each character's unique traits via her delivery of their dialogue." ---The Romance Reviews

"Nicole Poole continues to bring an A+ performance with Three Hours. Her voice and timber is wonderful for both female and male voices. She really brings Dark's world and characters to life." ---The Book Nympho

"Nicole Poole as always delivers a great performance in Three Hours." ---BJ's Reviews

Three Hours

Author Dannika Dark

Narrated by Nicole Poole

Publication date Apr 21, 2015

Running time 12 hrs

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