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Short Synopsis
In a new series from Bella Jewel comes a compelling romance between Katia and Marcus, two people who were forced to marry and spend two years together. Will they make it 'til death do them part? Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
They say there's a fine line between love and hate. There is. I fell in love with a monster. He used me. He destroyed me. He made a fool out of me. I didn’t know it at the start. You never do. You think you have found the man of your dreams. You think nothing could break you apart. How wrong you are.

I loved Marcus Tandem with everything that was me. To him, I was just a business deal, a way to keep something he’d worked hard for. He never had any intentions of returning my affections. He never wanted me in his life. But I wanted him in mine.

When you fall in love with the devil, you expect to get burned. Marcus burned me. He consumed me. He devastated me. Somewhere inside, I knew he was no good. I just prayed having me in his life might be enough. I hold onto that small hope, that maybe, just maybe, somewhere deep down in his soul, he might love me too.

Contains mature themes.

"The narrator made this book more enjoyable because she infused Katia with joy and energy." ---On My Sheves

"Roger's narration was deep and seductive, perfect for Marcus." ---Fantasy is More Fun

'Til Death (Part 1)

Author Bella Jewel

Narrated by Roger Wayne, Lidia Dornet

Publication date Apr 21, 2015

Running time 5 hrs

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