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Short Synopsis
Sarah Adams presents Book 2 in the Dalton Family series.

Full Synopsis
She needs to move on. He wants to let her go. Will they finally be able to go their separate ways even though their hearts seem to have other plans?

Elizabeth Ashburn is madly, deeply, irrefutably in love with her best friend. They know each other better than their own minds. There is only one problem: To him, she is Little Lizzie, and nothing she does seems to replace the idea in his mind. No matter. It is her first Season and she is determined to make a match with a gentleman—any gentleman—who will help her steal her heart back from Oliver Turner and his sea-blue eyes.

Oliver Turner can remember the exact day that Lizzie grew up. And now, he cannot see her as anything besides the beautiful woman stealing his breath—no matter how much he needs to. He won't marry her. He can't. He loves her too much for that. Now, he simply needs to help marry her off so that she will officially be out of his reach.

To Catch a Suitor

A Regency Romance

Author Sarah Adams

Narrated by Rachael Beresford

Publication date Sep 8, 2020

Running time 10 hrs 15 min

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