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Short Synopsis
C. S. Wilde presents Book 1 in the Hollowcliff Detectives series.

Full Synopsis
Fae like to play dangerous games . . .

In detective Mera Maurea's experience, three things motivate a murder: secrets, convenience, or passion. But none of the three can explain why the Summer King is dead.

With a tight deadline hanging over her head, Mera has to figure out who's the culprit before the frail balance that holds the nation of Tagrad together crumbles into dust.

To aid her—or turn her life into a living hell, hard to tell which—is her fae partner Sebastian Dhay, a snarky detective with a penchant for the illegal. He's a volatile wild card who will do anything to solve the murder, even if it means his doom.

The clock is ticking. And Mera is hiding a deadly secret of her own.

"I’ve enjoyed Chris Dukehart’s narrations before, and she was an excellent choice for the third person narrative of Mera. I thought she accurately reflected all sides of Mera." ---Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"The narrator keeps the story moving forward in a lively manner." ---That's What I'm Talking About

To Kill a Fae

Author C.S. Wilde

Narrated by Cris Dukehart

Publication date Mar 24, 2020

Running time 6 hrs 18 min

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