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Short Synopsis
Tomlinson Hill is the stunning story of two families—one white, one black—who trace their roots to a slave plantation that bears their name.

Full Synopsis
Journalist Chris Tomlinson grew up hearing stories about his family's abandoned cotton plantation in Falls County, Texas. Most of the tales lionized his white ancestors for pioneering along the Brazos River. His grandfather often said the family's slaves loved them so much that they also took Tomlinson as their last name.

LaDainian Tomlinson, football great and former running back for the San Diego Chargers, spent part of his childhood playing on the same land that his black ancestors had worked as slaves. As a child, LaDainian believed that the Hill was named after his family. Not until he was old enough to read a historical plaque did he realize that the Hill was named for his ancestor’s slaveholders.

A masterpiece of authentic American history, Tomlinson Hill traces the true and very revealing story of these two families. From the beginning in 1854—when the first Tomlinson, a white woman, arrived—to 2007, when the last Tomlinson, LaDainian's father, left, the book unflinchingly explores the history of race and bigotry in Texas. Along the way, it also manages to disclose a great many untruths that are latent in the unsettling and complex story of America.

"Drummond does a solid job. His voice and diction are clear and easy on the ear." ---AudioFile

"In this audio version of the story, reader Drummond gives the author's voice a substantial makeover." ---Booklist

"A personal, unvarnished look at race in America." ---Mark K. Updegrove, presidential historian and author of Baptism By Fire

"A complex story, at times stark but with moments of hope, that offers insights into American race relations." ---Alwyn Barr, author of Black Texans

Tomlinson Hill

The Remarkable Story of Two Families Who Share the Tomlinson Name - One White, One Black

Author Chris Tomlinson

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date Sep 8, 2014

Running time 14 hrs

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