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Short Synopsis
Autumn Reed presents Book 3 in the Collectors series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The Collectors may have written the rules, but I'm changing the game.

After almost losing myself to hatred, it's time to shift my priorities. Fighting the Collectors has resulted in nothing but death and destruction, and the cycle has to stop.

With Geppetto and his minions breathing down my neck, my options are limited—join them or run.

So I'll do what I have to, but I'll do it on my terms.

If only I wasn't facing more questions than answers. I don't know what's going on with my psychic abilities or magic. The events surrounding my mother's death are still in question, and I have no idea how to maneuver my relationships with Stowe, Noah, Jameson, and Mason.

My name is Adele Rose, and I promise things will be different this time.

Contains mature themes.

Touch of Promise

Author Autumn Reed

Narrated by Hayden Bishop

Publication date Aug 30, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 1 min

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