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Short Synopsis
When you're looking for a book about how best to deal with difficult people at work, look no further than Toxicity in the Workplace.

Full Synopsis
There are everyday challenging work relationships, and then there are situations that go beyond the ordinary—situations that push you to the edge. Written by a clinical psychologist who is knowledgeable about the mental disorders that can cause toxic behavior, Toxicity in the Workplace will help you understand why your difficult colleagues act the way they do and gain practical strategies for negotiating more peaceful, productive solutions.

Armed with new insight into your colleagues' behaviors, you will learn pragmatic techniques that will give you the confidence to advocate for yourself and, when needed, remove yourself from uncomfortable situations and conversations.

This book about dealing with toxic behavior in the workplace includes:

● Techniques for everyone—Learn approaches for communication with toxic people at all levels within an organization that are tailored to various problematic behaviors.

● Understand deeper motivations—Common anxiety, mood, and personality disorders are explained.

● Learn by example—Vivid case studies illustrate familiar scenes at work and model how you can respond respectfully and assertively.

Toxicity in the Workplace

Coping with Difficult People on the Job

Author Shonda Lackey, PhD

Narrated by Joell A. Jacob

Publication date Aug 11, 2020

Running time 3 hrs

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