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Short Synopsis
In this compelling book, Elan Golomb, PhD, identifies the crux of the emotional and psychological problems of millions of adults. Simply put, children of narcissists share a common belief: they believe they do not have the right to exist.

Full Synopsis
The difficulties experienced by adult children of narcissists can manifest themselves in many ways: for example, physical self-loathing that takes the form of overeating, anorexia, or bulimia; a self-destructive streak that causes poor job performance and rocky personal relationships; or a struggle with the self that is perpetuated in the adult's interaction with his or her own children. These dilemmas are both common and correctable, Elan Golomb tells us.

With an empathic blend of scholarship and case studies, along with her own personal narrative of her fight for self, Dr. Golomb plumbs the depths of this problem, revealing its mysterious hold on the affairs of otherwise bright, aware, motivated, and worthy people. Trapped in the Mirror explores:

  • the nature of the paralysis and lack of motivation so many adults feel
  • stress and its role in exacerbating childhood wrongs
  • why so many of our relationships seem to be "reruns" of the past
  • how anger must be acknowledged to be overcome
  • and, most important, how even the most traumatized self can be healed.

Trapped in the Mirror

Adult Children of Narcissists in their Struggle for Self

Author Elan Golomb

Narrated by Angela Brazil

Publication date Jul 12, 2016

Running time 11 hrs 2 min

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