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Short Synopsis
Lindsay McKenna presents the seventh novel in the Delos series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Ex-military Aliyana Montero is helping the CIA track down down ruthless sex-traffickers when her sister is snatched off the streets, kidnapped by the very men Ali is hunting! Now, desperate to find her, she is forced to team up with Ram Torres, the most infuriating man Ali ever met. The two butted heads on a mission in Afghanistan, where Ram accused her of being hotheaded and impulsive, while Ali found him arrogant and cold. Nothing seemed to break through Ram's tough shield, but unspoken between them was the sizzling heat that flared up whenever they were together. Now, as Ali's sister's life hangs in the balance, these two ex-combatants must put aside their differences and try to work together on a search-and-rescue mission that will change their lives forever!

Contains mature themes.


Author Lindsay McKenna

Narrated by Johanna Parker

Publication date Jan 24, 2018

Running time 10 hrs 7 min

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