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Short Synopsis
Jamie Blair presents Book 4 in the Dog Days Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
When the Dogs are Away, the Trash Pandas Play!

Things are always odd and strange in Metamora, but when the proprietor of the curiosity shop, Odd and Strange Metamora, hosts a spring carnival showing off his collection of oddities, the day goes right in the garbage—or rather, out of the garbage when a raccoon overturns a trash can in the middle of town scattering human bones around the park.

When it's discovered that the remains date back over a century, rumors start to run as rampant as the pack of furry bandits taking over the town at night.

Cameron Cripps Hayman thought she'd have a quiet week with her canine crew away at dog training, but her relaxation is short lived when another possible murder in town needs solving. With her team, the Metamora Action Agency, on the case, they'll piece the mystery together bone-by-bone and lead-by-lead, and maybe even find a way to get rid of the trash pandas in the process!

"Johanna Parker's voice contrasts with the gruesome image of a dog trotting around with human bones that raccoons pulled out of a trash can." ---AudioFile

Trash Day Tragedy

A Dog Days Mystery

Author Jamie Blair

Narrated by Johanna Parker

Publication date Dec 17, 2020

Running time 4 hrs

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