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Short Synopsis
New York Times bestselling author Olivia Cunning presents the fifth installment of the One Night with Sole Regret Anthology series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Treasure Me: Just after Sole Regret's soulful guitarist Kellen Jamison traded his five years of abstinence for a good time with a beautiful classical composer, his past comes back to haunt him once again. Unsure if he'll ever really move on, especially with his departed fiancée's pregnant doppelganger hanging all over his best friend, Kellen must decide who he treasures most—his talented new lover, the woman he swore to love beyond death, or someone he never expected to want.

Trust Me: Gabe "Force" Banner's once charmed life is in shambles. The only career he knows and wants is to be the drummer of Sole Regret, so he will try anything to get his band back together. But how can he fix this mess when his bandmates aren't even speaking to each other? It seems everyone in Gabe's life is trying to push him forward to find a different career, an alternate path, a new life, but he is more than satisfied with his current gig. The only thing he wants to add to his fortuitous existence is his one, his Melanie. But how can he offer his perfect woman a stable future if he doesn't know what tomorrow will bring?

Contains mature themes.

"Justine O. Keefe does a great job delivering the poignant, the ridiculous and even, 'the good parts.'" -Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust

Treasure Me, Trust Me

Author Olivia Cunning

Narrated by Justine O. Keef

Publication date Feb 27, 2018

Running time 15 hrs

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