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Short Synopsis
Celia Kyle and Athena Storm present Book 2 in the Mates of the Kilgari series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I'm a wanted woman. In more ways than one.

I was arrested, then imprisoned in cryosleep, and finally rescued by a crew of horned, golden skinned aliens. Now my government has branded me a traitor.

Whoever is after me is willing to kill—to destroy anything and anyone in their way. They're powerful and without mercy. It's enough to make me lose all hope.

Until Grantian.

He's a dangerous man and he promises to protect me. Former mercenary with the Hael Hounds—more blood on his hands than he cares to recount. He's experienced suffering. And pain. And loss. I can tell that he sees something in me. Something that makes him willing to kill again.

Yet with him, I feel safe. And even if we travel to the ends of the galaxy,With him . . . I feel like I'm home.

Contains mature themes.

Treasured by the Alien Pirate

Author Celia Kyle, Athena Storm

Narrated by Tristan James, Noelle Bridges

Publication date Sep 23, 2020

Running time 6 hrs

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