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Short Synopsis
Bestselling authors Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright present Book 2 in their Pantera Security League romantic suspense series.

Full Synopsis
Once upon a time, a young Pantera female called Elyon was ripped from her family and left to roam the jungles of South America. She foraged and fought to stay alive. And by the time she was rescued, she'd grown into a Badass Beauty who could kill without mercy. The Angel of Death. The Perfect Hunter.

Cage fighter Max is no prince charming. The human male has spent his entire life protecting his parents. With every strike, every win in the illicit matches he fights in New York City. Night after night he's forced to shed blood and crack bone, as a slave to the men who hold his parents prisoner. But when a Cinderella in black leather walks through his doors, for the first time in his life, Max wonders what is truly worth fighting for.

"Another great addition to the Pantera family of stories. . . . Elyon is a fantastic heroine. She's bad ass plain and simple. . . . I can't wait for the next one!" ---Reads All the Books

Two To Go

Bayou Heat

Author Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright

Narrated by Emily Beresford

Publication date Mar 28, 2017

Running time 3 hrs

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