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Short Synopsis
S. H. Jucha presents Book 4 in the Pyrean series.

Full Synopsis
A triumvirate of Veklocks, emissaries of the Tsargit, the alliance governing body, negotiates with Harbour, the Pyrean envoy, about critical projects the Pyreans need. But it's possible that the Veklocks ask for too much in return.

The Veklocks require the Pyreans to explore the extent of the Colony's usurpation of domes. The Colony is composed of two insectoid species, the grays and the reds. They're aggressive three- and five-meter long insectoids with venomous pincers that live for the expansion of their race. The Pyreans already lost one member of their team on their first exploration and are hesitant to meet the Colony again, unless they're better prepared.

Harbour and Jessie, her advisor, have an opportunity to demand a high price from the Tsargit through their negotiations with the Veklocks. But will it be worth the risk to their team to bring back the information the council demands?


Author S. H. Jucha

Narrated by Nicole Poole

Publication date Sep 24, 2019

Running time 12 hrs 6 min

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