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Short Synopsis
In this supernatural thriller by Robert Masello, the bestselling author of Blood and Ice, paleontologist Carter Cox finds his faith in the empirical shaken as he works to decipher the meaning behind the discovery of a legendary parchment in the Judaean desert and a prehistoric fossil in Italy.

Full Synopsis
In the caves beneath an Italian lake, the fossil of a creature older than the earth has been disinterred.

In the Judaean desert, a legendary parchment has been discovered.

One reveals the secrets of Heaven.

One foretells an impending Hell.

And deciphering their message has been left to paleontologist Carter Cox—a man of science whose faith in the empirical is about to be shaken by forces of evil beyond imagining.


Author Robert Masello

Narrated by Corey M. Snow

Publication date Jun 7, 2016

Running time 11 hrs

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