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Short Synopsis
An absorbing, probing look at the conspiracy theories that operate on the sidelines of history and the reasons they continue to play such a seditious role.

Full Synopsis
Our age is obsessed by the idea of conspiracy. We see it everywhere—from Pearl Harbor to 9/11, from the assassination of Kennedy to the death of Diana. In this age of terrorism we live in, the role of conspiracy is a serious one—one that can fuel radical or fringe elements to violence.

For award-winning journalist David Aaronovitch, there came a time when he started to see a pattern among these inflammatory theories. He found that these theories used similarly murky methods with which to insinuate their claims: they linked themselves to the supposed conspiracies of the past ("it happened then so it can happen now"); they carefully manipulated their evidence to hide its holes; and they relied on the authority of dubious academic sources. Most important, they elevated their believers to membership of an elite—a group of people able to see beyond lies to a higher reality. But why believe something that entails stretching the bounds of probability so far? Surely it is more likely that men did actually land on the moon in 1969 than that thousands of people were enlisted to fabricate an elaborate hoax.

In this entertaining and enlightening book—aimed at providing ammunition for those who have found themselves at the wrong end of a conversation about moon landings or the twin towers—Aaronovitch carefully probes and explodes a dozen of the major conspiracy theories. In doing so, he examines why people believe them and makes an argument for a true skepticism—one based on a thorough knowledge of history and a strong dose of common sense.

"This is fascinating stuff and absorbing reading that gives us a better understanding of why conspiracy theories are so popular and what the facts---in fact---indicate." ---Library Journal

"Langton provides a leisurely reading, with his tone and narration well adapted to the serious nature of the book." ---AudioFile

"Aaronovitch, as thorough a researcher as he is a witty and muscular writer, goes further than most previous popular analysts of conspiracy theories." ---The Boston Globe

"Aaronovitch deconstructs a dizzying array of conspiracy theories in these pages with unsparing logic, common sense and at times exasperated wit." ---The New York Times

Voodoo Histories

The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History

Author David Aaronovitch

Narrated by James Langton

Publication date Mar 3, 2010

Running time 15 hrs

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