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Short Synopsis
Callie Hutton presents Book 4 in the Lords and Ladies in Love series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Mr. Giles Templeton, third son of the Earl of Wexford, is a rake of the highest order and a confirmed bachelor. Yet, marriage-minded-mamas continue to drag their daughters to his attention. He's everything a young lady of the ton could want—handsome, wealthy, charming, and kind. For Miss Suzanna Blake, though, Giles is missing the one thing her parents require in a potential son-in-law—a title.

Giles has a golden touch—investments, horses, connections but when he falls . . . hard for Suzanna, she turns him away, despite the passion sparking between them. At wit's end, Giles wagers her that not only will she marry him but he'll make her fall in love with him. If Suzanna wins, she gains a sizable fortune for her favorite charity but she faces a loveless marriage to a titled man. Though her heart yearns for a true love-match with Giles, she has never gone against her parent's wishes. All bets are off when happiness lies in losing a wager.

Contains mature themes.

Wagering for Miss Blake

Author Callie Hutton

Narrated by Susan Duerden

Publication date Nov 30, 2021

Running time 7 hrs 25 min

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