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Short Synopsis
Megan Wade presents Book 2 in the Curves of Wall St. series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The first time I spoke to Peter Greer, it was at my best friend's engagement party. He was introduced to me as her brother then, but I knew of him even before that.

For the many years I'd worked in the admin department at Pierce Goodman, Peter Greer was one of the untouchables. A person so high up the chain of command that a lowly admin assistant like me had no reason to speak to him directly.

Of course, that changed when I became friends with his sister. We were acquainted. You know the drill—a polite conversation here and there at a gathering, maybe an acknowledgment if we run into each other at work. But beyond that, I expected nothing.

That was, until the next time I met Peter Greer. Blindfolded. Oh, and minus both our clothes . . .

Complicated? You have no idea.

Complicated is just the beginning of this story . . .

Contains mature themes.

Wall St. Rascal

Author Megan Wade

Narrated by Stephanie Wyles, Wayne Mitchell

Publication date Mar 7, 2023

Running time 5 hrs 17 min

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