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Short Synopsis
In the fifth installment of Ian Douglas's Warstrider series, a disembodied Dev Cameron ventures into deep space, where he encounters a race of asteroid-dwelling aliens intent on the genocide of all foreign species.

Full Synopsis
Over twenty years have passed since the events of Warstrider: Symbionts. Contact with the DalRiss and Naga and their technology has radically altered human society, as has the constant struggle between the Hegemony and the rebel Confederation for control over the dozens of human-inhabited planets. But the Hegemony has a new technology that could suppress any resistance to Earth's rule, and meanwhile, Dev Cameron and the DalRiss have discovered a new threat emerging from deep space that could cause the extinction of all life it encounters.

"Simply put, Drummond is the voice of the Warstrider series." ---AudioBook Reviewer

Warstrider: Netlink

Author Ian Douglas

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date May 26, 2015

Running time 11 hrs 23 min

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