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Short Synopsis
In the fourth exciting installment of the Warstrider series, Dev struggles with regaining control of mind as the Confederation makes contact with another alien species.

Full Synopsis
Dev Cameron helped the rebel Confederation defeat the Hegemony forces at Herakles, but his experience merging with an alien Naga consciousness has changed him irrevocably, and the rebellion rages on. After the passive DalRiss unexpectedly attack the Hegemony, Dev and Katya Alessandro are sent to meet with the aliens to determine if they have a common enemy. Their mission is critical to the success of the Confederation, but the difficulty of understanding truly alien intelligences makes a meaningful alliance unlikely, and doubts about Dev's capabilities loom even as he may be the only one able to make contact.

"David Drummond reads this book as he did in the previous three, with his clear and enjoyable baritone." ---AudioBook Reviewer

Warstrider: Symbionts

Author Ian Douglas

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date Apr 28, 2015

Running time 13 hrs 20 min

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