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Short Synopsis
From Clare Clark, the captivating story of two sisters born into privilege, forced to make their way in a world turned upside down by war, and the man who, against all expectation, transforms them both.

Full Synopsis
It is 1910. Jessica and Phyllis Melville have grown up at Ellinghurst, their family estate. A headstrong beauty, Jessica longs for London—the glitter and glamor of debutante life— while bookish Phyllis dreams in vain of attending the university. Neither girl questions that it is Theo, their adored brother, whom their mother loves best. Theo eclipses everyone around him, including the diffident Oskar Grunewald, who is a frequent visitor to Ellinghurst. Fascinated by the house but alternately tormented and ignored by the Melville children, Oskar seeks refuge in Ellinghurst's enormous library.

Over the next decade, as the Great War devastates and reshapes their world, the sisters come of age in a country unrecognizable from the idylls of their youth. As they struggle to forge new paths in a world that no longer plays by the old rules, Oskar's life becomes entwined with theirs once again, in ways that will change all of their futures forever.

"Vivid, layered, and provocative period drama about the trade-offs of backing tradition versus letting go." ---Kirkus

"What a gorgeous, brilliant, heart-smacking book! I am in awe of its stunning scale." ---Laird Hunt, author of Neverhome

"[We That Are Left] offers an utterly convincing sense of period; a story that tugs at you; characters who are surprising, tender, hurt; emotions crushed, misunderstood, exploding; on every page the unresolved intensity of real life." ---William Nicholson, author of Lovers of Amherst

We That Are Left

Author Clare Clark

Narrated by Shaun Grindell

Publication date Oct 20, 2015

Running time 17 hrs

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