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Short Synopsis
C. V. Walter presents Book 3 in the Alien Brides series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Kaelin knows an alien when she sees one. The trick, given her eyesight, is actually getting close enough to see them. She might as well wish upon a falling star!

Against all odds, one just walked right up to her and introduced himself as Roger. He's on a mission from Molly, the friend she's traveled half-way across the country to see, with news of her alien ever after and a shopping list. Apparently, the best technology in the galaxy isn't stocked with hair conditioner . . .

When their hands touch, everything changes. Kaelin has a chance to become everything she ever wished she could be . . . but it will cost her everything she currently is.Prince Serogero has found the perfect match in an imperfect woman. When he catches her during a seizure, everything he assumed finding his mate would mean is turned upside down. His people's technology can help her, if she lets it, but at what cost to her, and to him? When his duties and her safety conflict, can they create a happy ending?

Contains mature themes.

Wed to the Alien Prince

Author C.V. Walter

Narrated by Rebecca Estrella

Publication date Feb 22, 2022

Running time 7 hrs 2 min

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