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Short Synopsis
What a Meth is Book 4 in Jamie Lee Scott's bestselling Gotcha Detective Agency mystery series.

Full Synopsis
When Mimi accepts $500 from a sketchy client and takes on the case to follow an alleged cheating husband, she almost immediately regrets it.

Charles warned her. Why didn't she listen to him? While spying on the husband, the client's house explodes, and so does Mimi's sense of reality. Who is dead, who is hiding, and who may come back to life?

This case takes the Gotcha detectives into the underbelly of drug cartels, and Mimi's world is turned upside down.

Can Mimi and Nick survive this?

What A Meth

Author Jamie Lee Scott

Narrated by Todd McLaren, Gabra Zackman

Publication date May 30, 2017

Running time 4 hrs

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