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Short Synopsis
A fascinating look at the way we age today and the extent to which we can shape the process from author Bruce Grierson.

Full Synopsis
In What Makes Olga Run? Bruce Grierson explores what the wild success of a ninety-four-year-old track star can tell us about how our bodies and minds age. Olga Kotelko is not your average ninety-four-year-old. She not only looks and acts like a much younger woman, she holds over twenty-three world records in track and field, seventeen in her current ninety to ninety-five category. Convinced that this remarkable woman could help unlock many of the mysteries of aging, Grierson set out to uncover what it is that's driving Olga. He considers every piece of the puzzle, from her diet and sleep habits to how she scores on various personality traits, from what she does in her spare time to her family history. Olga participates in tests administered by some of the world's leading scientists and offers her DNA to groundbreaking research trials. What emerges is not only a tremendously uplifting personal story but a look at the extent to which our health and longevity are determined by the DNA we inherit at birth, and the extent to which we can shape that inheritance. It examines the sum of our genes, opportunities, and choices, and the factors that forge the course of any life, especially during our golden years.

"Sean Pratt's consistent, energetic narration is spot on. Verdict Excellent and eminently listenable, this program provides much food for thought about optimal aging and the pursuit of the fountain of youth." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"Exhilarating. . . . A stimulating and inspiring read for all." ---Library Journal Starred Review

"Grierson's fellow boomers have much to learn from Olga's example." ---Publishers Weekly

"Eye-opening and insightful." ---Kirkus
Library Journal Review

What Makes Olga Run?

The Mystery of the 90-something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives

Author Bruce Grierson

Narrated by Sean Pratt

Publication date May 15, 2014

Running time 8 hrs 6 min

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