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Short Synopsis
Elizabeth Johns presents Book 5 in the Brethren in Arms series.

Full Synopsis
Young love torn apart by war and a cold marriage . . . Is ten years too late to start again?

Captain James Frome, seasoned veteran and war hero, is returning home after ten years away. He has sold his commission and must face what he left behind. Besides finding an estate that is in ruin and a family that is lost without his direction, he also runs into his past and the reason he was forced into the army in the first place.

Lady Annag Calder has finally cast off her mourning blacks and escapes back to her family home in Scotland for some peace, except peace is not what she finds. Instead, she runs into the reason she was forced into a bad marriage in the first place. Seeing James again confirms her constant heart, but can he accept her love?

After ten years, neither James nor Annag are the same people, but is there still enough love left for them to have a future?

What Might Have Been

Author Elizabeth Johns

Narrated by Alex Wyndham

Publication date May 30, 2023

Running time 6 hrs 11 min

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