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Short Synopsis
E. E. Holmes presents Book 1 in the Riftmagic Saga.

Full Synopsis
London is a powder keg . . . and Eliza Braxton is the match.

Imagine a London where magic is real . . . real, but feared. This is Eliza Braxton's London, and she has always accepted her place in it gladly. As one of the Riftborn, her magic has relegated her to the servant class, where she dutifully serves as the lady's maid in one of the most powerful households in the country. There, she uses her remarkable powers of persuasion to keep Elder Hallewell's rebellious daughter in the path to an arranged match of power and prosperity. Eliza has never questioned her loyalty . . . until now.

Currents of discontent are roiling beneath the city's surface, and Eliza's comfortable existence is about to be caught up in the tide. A resistance is building, a resistance that covets Eliza's talents above all else. But can Eliza betray everything she's ever known for things she never dared to dream?

What the Lady's Maid Knew

Author EE Holmes

Narrated by Mary Sarah

Publication date Apr 6, 2021

Running time 13 hrs 17 min

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