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Short Synopsis
Written by a therapist who specializes in abusive men, this guide reveals how abusers interact with and manipulate children—and how mothers can help their children recover from the trauma of witnessing abuse.

Full Synopsis
Can my partner abuse me and still be a good parent? Should I stay with my partner for my children's sake? How should I talk to my children about the abuse and help them heal? Am I a bad mother?

Mothers in physically or emotionally abusive relationships ask themselves these questions every day. Whether it's physical or "just" emotional abuse, whether it's aimed at them or you, whether they see or hear it, your kids need you.

This book, the first ever of its kind, shows mothers how to:

  • Protect children and help them heal emotionally
  • Provide love, support, and positive role models, even in the midst of abuse
  • Increase their chances of winning custody
  • Help their kids feel good about themselves

"Clearly written . . . Shrewd and direct, it is highly recommended for public and special libraries, where it should empower abused mothers and those who help them." ---Library Journal

“If you have a child who has seen or heard abuse, this book is for you.” ---Patricia Evans, author of Teen Torment

“The system to protect the abused is seriously flawed. Bancroft helps mothers win the battle using the court’s rules while empowering them to write new ones.” ---The Cleveland Plain Dealer

When Dad Hurts Mom

Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse

Author Lundy Bancroft

Narrated by Randye Kaye

Publication date Mar 14, 2017

Running time 11 hrs

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