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Short Synopsis
A must-listen sci-fi thriller.

Full Synopsis
Sarah Long is looking for peace in a broken world. The fact that she helped break it, is only the start of her problems.

When Sarah Long gets the message that her sister is alive and needs rescuing, she packs a bag with survival gear, loads a coat with six kinds of weapons, and hopes her pregnancy won't slow her down.

It's been three years since the ancient, city-sized ship was discovered. And three years since it turned half the planet into deserts of black dust.

Sarah's treacherous journey will cross continents and an ocean, as well as the lines between Earther and Alien, friend and foe. The dangers, though, go beyond the brutal reality of the lawless world she travels.

For the last three years the mysterious ship has been Sarah's home. And she knows its powers.

And there are those who will do absolutely anything to get them.

When the Dust Fell

Author Marshall Ross

Narrated by Tara Marie Kirk

Publication date Aug 2, 2022

Running time 12 hrs

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