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Short Synopsis
Roberta Kagan presents Book 3 in the Jewish Family Saga series.

Full Synopsis
In New York, prohibition has ended, and Sam's world is turned upside down. The mob boss realizes he must expand his illegal interests if he is going to continue to live his lavish lifestyle. Some of the jobs Sam is offered go against his moral character. Transporting alcohol was one thing, but threatening lives is another.

For the first time since that horrible incident in Medina, Alma is finally happy and has fallen in love with a kind and generous Italian doctor who already has a job awaiting him in Rome; however, he is not Jewish.

In Berlin, the Nazis are rising to power. Adolf Hitler disposed of his enemies, and the SA has been replaced by the even more terrifying SS.

After the horrors they witnessed during Kristallnacht, Goldie's mother is ready to abandon all she knows to escape the country. She begs her husband to leave Germany. But he refuses to leave everything that he spent his entire life working for.

The Nazis have taken the country by the throat. The period of artistic tolerance and debauchery has been replaced by a strict and cruel regime that seeks to destroy all who do not fit its ideal. Goldie's path of depravity is catching up with her, and her secrets are threatened.

When The Dust Settled

Book Three in a Jewish Family Saga

Author Roberta Kagan

Narrated by Kelli Tager

Publication date Nov 15, 2022

Running time 8 hrs

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