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Short Synopsis
While You Were Spying is the highly anticipated prequel to Shana Galen's When Dashing Met Danger and Pride and Petticoats.

Full Synopsis
Francesca Dashing would like to forget that Ethan Caxton, the Marquess of Winterbourne, exists. He humiliated her in front of all of London Society—and he doesn't even remember it! But when Ethan shows up in her sleepy Hampshire town, he's hard to overlook, and his presence stirs up long-buried feelings.

Winterbourne has traveled to Hampshire on orders from the Foreign Office—he's investigating an arms smuggling ring and is determined to find its leader. Miss Dashing stumbles into his way—literally—and derails both Ethan's assignment and his ordered country life. Ethan knows that he needs to ignore the distraction, but when Francesca is the victim of a vicious attack, he's compelled to put aside his mission to protect her. Guarding the viscount's daughter is work, nothing more, and Ethan has no plans to let down his guard . . . until Francesca's chocolate-brown eyes and endless compassion melt the ice in his heart and lay siege to his defenses.

"Heather Wilds turns in an engaging performance…" ---AudioGals

"The story was exciting [and] edgy…" ---Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust

While You Were Spying

Author Shana Galen

Narrated by Heather Wilds

Publication date Nov 10, 2015

Running time 13 hrs 7 min

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