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We're all just one step away from achieving what we want and getting what we deserve out of life.

Full Synopsis
If you're like most women, you're still climbing out of a hole created by the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. If that's not enough angst to deal with, your boss wants it yesterday, your kids want it today, and your spouse wants it tonight.

We also face an onslaught of time-sucking distractions: the Internet, email following you everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, texting, and virtual relationships—all competing with our ability to accomplish Big Things in our lives. No wonder we don't have time for fun and sex! No wonder undertaking new goals seems like just another impossible dream on an ever-growing list of banished aspirations.

Vickie Milazzo, a New York Times bestselling author and an Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur, knows all too well that choices for women are abundant today. But who needs more work, more stress, or more responsibilities without the wicked strategies to handle them all?

For twenty-nine years, Vickie has mentored thousands of women to achieve wicked success—everything from obtaining overdue promotions to creating million-dollar businesses. This book makes that same personal mentoring yours. And you don't have to give up your life, your time, or your relationships to be wickedly successful. Vickie won't disrespect you with pat answers or new-age mumbo-jumbo. She won't promise you a four-hour work week, a corner office, ten pounds off in ten days, or that Mars will ever begin to understand Venus.

Connect with Vickie and you'll begin thinking and acting in a more exaggerated, uncommonly wicked way to reach out and finally grasp the success you desire.

"This book is as dynamic as the author herself. Vickie is an extremely giving individual; she pulls no punches and holds back nothing that could help another." ---Sherry Palmer

"As a radio producer and host, I read four books per week, then donate them . . . Vickie Milazzo's book is a must-read and must-keep guide for every empowered woman, Vickie's book boasts a prominent place in my library." ---Cynthia Brian, author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul

"Vickie Milazzo and the phenomenal success she has achieved for herself and others are astonishing. It doesn't matter what your life or career goals are, the 10 strengths she reveals Inside Every Woman will make it happen for you." —Dayna Steele, host of The Art of Doing Business

"If your life is less than perfect and your happiness falls short of complete, buck up and buy this book. It's stuffed with good advice, real-life stories and womanly wisdom." —Michelle Nichols, "Savvy Selling" columnist for Business Week Online
New York Times Bestseller
Author Interview
Vickie L. Milazzo

Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman

Author Vickie L. Milazzo

Narrated by Joyce Bean

Publication date Nov 21, 2011

Running time 12 hrs

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