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Short Synopsis
Sadie Jacks presents Book 2 in the Iron Serpent Chronicles. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Deep inside her lives a wild thing. And it's straining to get free.

Ripped from her plans for freedom by a group of kidnapping magical killers, Kiema Feuer once again has to save herself. This time though, she's got more help. But even when she's safe, she's not out of danger.

Caught between fanatic magical killers and long forgotten gods, Kiema is forced to deal with the fact that everyone around her wants something from her. Too bad the only ones she wants to help are the men she's come to love. Added to all of that is the realization that she's carrying magic inside her that makes an ageless goddess nervous.

Her life is a wild tornado that not even the best seer could have forecast. Will Kiema be able to thwart the plans everyone else has for her, or will she end up as a sacrifice in a war she didn't want to be part of?

Contains mature themes.

Wild Magic

Author Sadie Jacks

Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, Heather Costa

Publication date Feb 9, 2021

Running time 7 hrs

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