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Short Synopsis
Katerina Martinez presents Book 1 in the Obsidian Order series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Learn to fight. Pass my trials. Stay alive.

As long as I can keep my supernatural origins hidden, my life is simple. It's just my best friend and me against the world, eating dried Ramen and peas, watching reality TV, and laying low in the city that never sleeps.

That is until Draven, a dangerously attractive hunter, tracks me down and kidnaps me. He's with the Obsidian Order, and he gives me a choice: join their ranks or die. All I have to do is pass a series of deadly trials at their Academy, competing against a bunch of supernaturals who want me dead. Sounds easy, right?

There's one problem with that; I have no memories of my past, which means I don't have the skills to compete. Whatever magic I have inside of me better come out fast, because I've been promised my best friend will die if I fail, and if we both die, the secret we're carrying could fall into the wrong hands.

Then it's all over.

Contains mature themes.

Wings of Light

Author Katerina Martinez

Narrated by Sarah Puckett

Publication date Jun 30, 2020

Running time 7 hrs

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